Aerial Photography New Zealand

Are you looking for a professional aerial photography company? At Vanity Pictures, we capture incredible, high-resolution aerial images and videos for businesses.

Aerial photography is an excellent tool for showcasing the sphere and background of your business. We have created incredible aerial shots for a wide range of businesses, including:

  • Offices
  • Progress photos for construction/trades companies
  • Real estate
  • Environment

... and more!

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Aerial photography for your business

As more consumers use the internet to research products and services and shop online, businesses need to find creative ways to advertise what they do. Having high-resolution photographs on your website is essential, and an aerial perspective brings a lot more depth that is attractive to clients.

Here at Vanity Pictures, our passion is helping businesses succeed by creating the best quality imagery for their advertising media. We are here to help with all your product photography, team portraits, video production, and aerial photography needs.

Using state-of-the-art drone equipment, we can capture and video incredible images of any site from an aerial perspective.

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Benefits of aerial imagery New Zealand

Aerial photography can set your New Zealand business apart from the rest. Let us take you through the advantages of including aerial images in your portfolio.

Give your clients a location

Any potential client looking at aerial photos of your business will get a fuller picture of your business story. Seeing your offices online is a substitute for coming to your site in person. Mapping out your location will help potential clients subconsciously identify with your company.

Show off property

The real estate and property industry is big on aerial photography - and it is not hard to see why. Getting an aerial survey of the properties you are trying to sell or rent will set your listings apart from the rest.

At Vanity Pictures, we work with a lot of property managers and real estate companies. We can take aerial videos and photos of your property listings, so anyone on the real estate market will be drawn to what you can offer.

Progress photos and historical imagery

Progress photos are excellent tools for service providers. If you work in trades, construction or remodelling, aerial photography can demonstrate on a large scale the scope of the work you can do. By getting a view from the air, you can dramatically showcase the changes you make over time to your projects.

Aerial photography can exemplify the best features of what your construction business can do. It might all seem everyday and normal to you, but your clients will love seeing unique, high-resolution aerial imagery of the process.

Get your aerial imagery with Vanity Pictures

At Vanity Pictures, we use the latest drone technology for our high-resolution aerial photography services. We are passionate about helping businesses succeed, and we believe that aerial imagery can add a unique and dynamic element to your digital marketing, eCommerce website, and printed advertising.

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Yes you do. We do not place any restrictions or charge additional licensing fees so you can use the images wherever you want, for as long as you want. That includes your website, any brochures, printed marketing material, digital advertising, billboards, and anything else.

We can help you find the right candidates, or you can do what some of our clients do which is ask their friends, family, employees, or acquaintances if they would want to model for a shoot and sort out the details with them. If you need help, just ask and we’ll explain how it works or what can be done.

Yes you can. After the shoot we will send you all of the photos that turned out via a proofing gallery for you to select the ones you like best. After your selection, we will edit them and send them back to you for approval.

Yes, absolutely. If you’re not sure how many images you will want, you can just decide after you see them.

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