How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy Using Photography And Video Production

What is content strategy?

A content strategy is a strategy that achieves your business goals with the help of content.

While having a positive contribution to an organisation’s marketing efforts, content marketing is still a somewhat new concept’, compared to online advertising, which was the first type of marketing to get out online. Before the internet, marketing was focused on print, media, broadcast, and other modes of communication, but the internet has redefined marketing. The influx of high-quality and relevant content has made content marketing an important aspect to a company’s internet strategy for internet success.

Consider this: more than half of the online marketers use content marketing. If you want to stand out, you need quality photography and video production.

Ask yourself this:

1. Why are you interested in content marketing?
Presumably, you’re looking to invest in quality photography or video production because you believe it will achieve something specific for you. Decide what the goal is and then find the right company that can help you achieve that goal. For example, it might be to create brand awareness with videos, or it might be to attract a specific type of a customer to your website, or convert more people with home page images. Or perhaps you want a video for your home page banner. You might want to talk to your preferred photography or video production company about your business and see if they have any ideas for you.

2. What makes you different?
While doing the best you can every day to be better is a good idea because it creates more growth for you and your ideal customers, you may also want to consider what makes you different. The photography or video production company can help you find that special something and then focus your photography or videography hours on capturing that which makes you different. The truth is, people love different – so be that for them. Be bold. Stop looking at your competition’s websites for the purpose of doing what they’re doing. Start being yourself and expressing the voice which only you can express. That’s what makes you different. Think about it or perhaps let it come out when you’re thinking of something else. Then write down the ideas that come to you and share them with your photography and video production company so that they can learn more about you and create content that’s truly unique to your business.

3. Where will you publish your content?
Now that you’ve decided what makes you special, it’s time to decide where you want to show this specialness! Decide where you want your content to be published. Which specific social networks will you want this on? Sometimes less is more. You may not need to publish it on 12 different social networks. 4 is often a sweet number because you can focus more on not just publishing it, but also growing those social networks.

4. What are you going to do with your photography and video content once you have it ready?
Are you going to be publishing it yourself, or will you get a pro to do it for you? The answer largely depends on whether or not you…
a) love it
b) know what you’re doing
c) willing to constantly be learning and improving your skills in this are

The truth is, you don’t need to know what you’re doing to start but you do need to keep doing it or at least publish the content that you do get.
So often we get photography and video production clients that get us to create extremely quality content for them only to leave it for another day, or completely forget about it. There’s nothing wrong with doing that but if you’ve already invested good money in good content with a good photography and video production company then you may as well take the next step and publish it for the world to see. Especially for your ideal clients to see. Your brand is a form of art, so you may as well show it to the world! So many are going to connect to what you’re doing! Give them what they’re looking for. Give them the gift of your brand!

Are You Ready To Create Amazing Content?

Consider getting a photography or video production company’s help because if you aren’t using photography or video on your social platforms yet, now is definitely the time to start!

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