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Vanity Pictures is a professional photography and video production company that specialises in business portraits, product photography, and more. Boost your business and connect with clients by working with an experienced photographer.

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Showcase the quality of your products and services by working with Vanity Pictures. Our professional product photography services visually enhance your brand with high-quality images that appeal to all your potential customers.

We shoot high-quality product photography and eCommerce photography images that Kiwi brands use on their websites, mailers, brochures, and other promotional content. Check out the Vanity Pictures gallery now to get inspired.

Professional product photography tips

If you are after product photography tips, the best we can offer is that you find a professional photographer whose work stands out from the rest.

Here at Vanity Pictures, we are a successful product photography company working with some of the biggest brands in New Zealand, as well as small businesses. We shoot product photos for a range of different industries, from skincare to machinery.

But our services don't stop there. We also provide video production, team portraits, and so much more.

When you work with us, we recommend thinking about how you want your product photography to look. Discussing your ideas with an experienced photographer will help you ensure you get product images that represent the voice of your business.

Our experience in product photography has given us the necessary skills to optimize images and use all the available pixels to get amazing, detailed shots of your quality products. We know camera settings like the backs of our hands, and our photo editing skills are second to none.

Professional photographer shoot process

The way we shoot product photography is largely based on what our clients want. Essentially, we bring the camera equipment and the know-how, along with ideas and suggestions around the visual appearance of the images - if you need them. You don't even need to be there for the photo shoot, as long as you are happy with the plan.

Let us know if you have any specifications about how you want your commercial photographer to shoot your product photography. Do you want a white background or something more colourful? Do you like natural light or artificial light?

Our photo studio lighting setup offers a lot of diversity for shooting quality branded images. We can also make use of natural light in the studio and outside to get a softer light that flatters your products.

Our product photographers will shoot images of your products from multiple angles so you get great photos. All the equipment we use is state-of-the-art, so you can trust that you will get the highest image quality when you work with Vanity Pictures.


Using world-class editing software, we can make our product photography truly stand out from the rest. Our post-production team is highly skilled at making great images look incredible. We can enhance lifestyle photos and augment product shots to get the wow factor you want.


If you want lifestyle shots of your products in action, we can arrange actors, models, location hire, hair & makeup, special equipment, and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to Vanity Pictures product photography - so let us know your requirements.

Using your product photography

Great product photography is essential to encouraging your potential customers to invest in your products and services. Use these photos on your social media platform, eCommerce website or online store, and even in any brochures and advertisements, and enjoy the rise in your clientele.

We can confidently say that working with a product photographer from Vanity Pictures is a worthwhile investment. Get in touch with us via our contact form if you want exceptional product photography for your business.


Yes you can. We are located on the North Shore of the North Island in New Zealand. We will then ship the products back to you and invoice you for the cost. You can also drop off  and pick up the products yourself if you are based locally.

The only way for you to be present is if the photographer travels to you with the gear and the portable studio, otherwise it is not possible.

The average turnaround is one week after the product is in our hands and we have all the information we need from you. This does not include additional possible time required for revisions if there are any.

Yes you do. We do not place any restrictions or charge additional licensing fees so you can use the images wherever you want, for as long as you want. That includes your website, any brochures, printed marketing material, digital advertising, billboards, and anything else.

Just send us an e-mail describing your product and we will come up with the best known to us solution. We may do it at the location where the “product” currently is, or a large studio may need to be rented.

We can help you find the right candidates, or you can do what some of our clients do which is ask their friends, family, employees, or acquaintances if they would want to model for a shoot and sort out the details with them. If you need help, just ask and we’ll explain how it works or what can be done.

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