Auckland Video Production

Results Oriented Video Production.

This is the


Idea & Concept

We meet with you to understand your needs, and then we go back to plan the video production process and or create the idea which we will then execute!



The direction of the video ensures that things go according to plan. It also oversees the process and makes sure that changes are made if they need to be made during the shoot.


Video Production

As a production company, we cover everything. We offer script writing, bring lighting, sound, and camera equipment to bring your project to fruition.


Post Production

Post production is the editing of the video. This is where we put the idea together. We do sound and colour correction, add the right music, and add special effects when the project requires it.



After all is said and done, we deliver the project and wait for your approval. If any changes are required, we them go back to the video editing software and keep working!

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