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Are you looking for a company that can create a high-quality video production Auckland? Vanity Pictures is a business photo and video production company committed to creating high-quality content for Kiwi enterprises, big and small.

Online videos attract consumers, so working with a video production company is a great way to boost your sales.

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Video production services New Zealand

Vanity Pictures video production Auckland is all about creating promotional video content for businesses. Whether you are seeking a creative way to demo a product, blog about your business or showcase your company, corporate video production is a fantastic tool that will attract more clients to your business.

We produce videos using state-of-the-art equipment, including aerial photography technology.

Video production company

Creating online videos about your business is an excellent marketing investment. Our step-by-step process has proven to be a success for all the companies we work with. Following this method, we can create great video content that will generate leads and boost your brand.

Step 1: Ideas & Concept

In the ideas phase, our team will consult with you about your wants. Then, we will plan how the video production process will bring your ideas to life in a way that will capture the attention of your audience and faithfully represent your company's unique image.

Step 2: Direction

Whenever necessary, we will offer our film direction services to your video project

If you know exactly what you want and wish to act as the creative director/producer of your video production, that is perfectly fine. With your vision and our technical know-how, we can work as marketing partners and create some great video content.

Step 3: Video Production Auckland

At Vanity Pictures, we are a video production company that offers all the tools you could require to ensure your marketing videos look fantastic. To bring your next project to fruition, we offer:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Direction
  • Talent
  • Sound
  • State-of-the-art camera equipment

Step 4: Post-Production

Once we have filmed the whole shoot, our creative team will head back to the studio to assemble your new video content.

The post-production phase is what sets a good video apart from great content in the marketing industry. This is where we test out our creative flair and put the video idea together.

As a professional video production company, we keep your business needs in mind every step of the way. Creating amazing sales, marketing, and advertising content so you can pull in client after client is our number one goal. And we have the skills and experience necessary to achieve that.

We are highly skilled at sound and colour correction. During the editing process, we will add the right music, animation, and special effects to ensure the video grabs and holds the attention of your clients.

Step 5: Delivery of your video production

After everything is said and done, we deliver the video content to you and await your approval.

Video marketing

Using online videos is an excellent digital marketing strategy. Over 60% of internet users in New Zealand watch online videos every day. By working with a video production company like Vanity Pictures, you can pull more traffic to your website and get more sales!

When you choose us, we will find the most cost-effective solution to creating a corporate video that has creative flair, gets you more customers and clients, and represents the core of your business.

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Video Production Auckland